ConcLave Conclave: New Zealand's 27th Annual National Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention in 2006.











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Here is the current program as a PDF

  • Friday
    • 10am - 5pm. Writers Seminar with Joan Vinge, Jan Frenkel and Kevin Maclean
    • 10am - 5pm. Game Designer's Seminar hosted by Steve Jackson
    • My First Con - A brief introduction to what happens at a SF&F convention
    • Opening Ceremony
    • Wizards Hat Party - a gathering of people, pointy hats, and cake. Chat and be merry
    • Stargazing (if the weather is good). A conducted tour around the heavens. Should be at least one telescope present.
  • Saturday/Sunday
    • Guest of Honour Speeches
      • Faye Ringel - "Defending the West: Tolkien after 9/11" & "Renfaire World: Medievalism in Contemporary Pop Culture"
    • Panels - featuring our GoHs and other experts:
      • "The Seven Deadly Sins of SF"
      • "Do Women Write Differently"
    • Q & A session with Steve Jackson
    • WETA Talk - hosted by Norman Cates
    • Joss Weldon: Buffy, Angel, Firefly - hosted by Struan Judd
    • Draw Your Character - Learn the basics - Hosted by Grant Preston and Alex Herbert
    • Bawdy Tavern Songs - led by Faye Ringel, hopefully in the bar.
    • Mystery Science Theatre 3000 - a bad movie with witty commentary
    • 2010/2020 Time Capsule - Write down your predictions and read them years later - Hosted by Peter Hamilton
    • Meet Philippa Ballantine, NZ Fantasy Author - Interview hosted by Simon Litten
    • Board Gaming - held at any time during the Con
    • Filking - Folk singing with familiar tunes but new words
    • Masquerade - A display of costumes and skits from attendees - *prizes awarded*
    • Banquet - Food, glorious food ... (Sunday $35 per person)
    • Erotic Fiction - The Art of writing Erotic Fiction. Bring out the sensualist within.
    • Buffy - A group discussion of various questions of sex/romance/relationship ethics, raised by, and using examples from, BTVS
    • The Quiz - Random pieces of information are useful here
    • Balloon Sculpturing - Pop goes the weasel... I mean balloon dog
  • Monday
    • SFFANZ business meeting
    • SF&F Convention 2008 bidding/voting
    • Closing Ceremony

Please contact us if you have any further suggestions, or if you'd like to run or help out with any events!